Fabric Care


Extending the life of delicate clothes.

Fabrics such as bamboo, spandex, lycra, silk, nylon and silver fabrics are considered delicate fabrics.

Please note one of the main elements used in our fabric is the precious metal silver and therefore has to be treated as such - with care.

Shrinkage, fading, stretching, tearing of fibers and distortion are some of the problems in caring for clothing.

It is better if you do not wash these fabrics too frequently. After wearing the garment, if it is not soiled, just hang them outside for some time away from direct sun to dry out any moisture (sweat) present in the cloth.

Hanging the apparel in strong direct sunlight can damage the fabric. Let it dry out in shade.
If there is any dust or dirt, a soft sponge and water can be used to wipe down the apparel.


Treat stains promptly!
Fresh stains are much easier to remove than old ones.

Please note that some shielding fabrics are not washable at all, and some can be hand washed only.  Please read and follow washing instructions that come with your product.

Water quality may affect the Silver fibres and could damage the fabric.

In particular low pH, Fluoride, Sulphur, may react strongly with Silver and heavily degrade conductivity and shielding performance.

Test your tap water on a small part of the fabric before washing your apparel:

  • Soak a small part of the fabric in tap water for about 1 hour.
  • Take note of any colour change in the water or wet area (especially darkening or blackening).
  • Air-dry and if possible, check for conductivity (by touching an Ohm meter to 2 points on the fabric).

If a colour change or loss of conductivity occurs, DO NOT use tap water to wash/rinse your fabric. We highly recommend using reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Use a gentle soap to help protect the Silver in the shielding fabric for a longer lifetime.  Washing eventually degrades all fabrics and Silver fibres are no exception.

Gentle hand washing can be done easily at home with cool or lukewarm water.  Soak the garment in the soap and water solution, and then let it sit for up to five minutes to soak out any set in dirt. Slowly squeeze the garment under the solution for a minute. Rinse carefully with cool water and gently squeeze all excess water from the garment, using a towel to absorb excess water.

Reshape the garment and allow it to dry flat.  While still damp, hang it without wrinkles away from direct sunlight.

Lastly, make sure the garments are thoroughly dry before storing them away.


It’s important to look out for the ‘do not iron’ symbols to ensure you don’t damage our fabrics.

It is not recommended for ironing fabrics containing silver fibres.
Ironing will lead to the stretching of the silver fibres, lowering the performance and effectiveness of the fabrics ability to reduce electromagnetic frequencies.

If the garments are hung after washing as advised, they do not need ironing.


Don’t cram clothes in the closet, as this may result in leaving creases.

Store bloqed apparels in a dry, dark location that allows for air-flow. If air-flow is not an option, consider rolling the garment and place in drawers, on shelves, or in storage boxes.

If storage boxes are not an option, give breathing room to clothes containing natural fibers, such as cotton, bamboo or silk. Store them in a ventilated area.

Roll items when possible to avoid stretching and creasing that occur on hangers or in folded piles.

When folding delicate garments, separate them with white sheets of acid-free tissue paper (available in art stores).

Keep out dust and sunlight by covering stored clothes.


Care Symbols

Hand wash
The Hand Wash symbol is the standard wash symbol with a hand at the top. For ‘Hand Wash’ clothing, do not use a washing machine. Instead wash garments in a sink or small tub, using your hands to ensure that the cleaning liquid is thoroughly rubbed into the material and subsequently rinsed out. Check your cleaning liquid to make sure it is suitable for hand washing – milder detergents have been specifically designed for hand and they are safe for your clothes and for your hands!
Machine wash cold gentle cycle
Temperature up to 30º C / 86º F.
Garment may be machine laundered only on the setting designed for gentle agitation and/or reduced time for delicate items.
Do not bleach
A triangle with an X crossed lines means ‘do not bleach’ – you should not attempt to use any kind of bleach on this garment.
Please read the ingredients of your washing liquid to make sure no bleach or bleach-like chemicals are present.
Drip dry
Hang dripping wet garment from line or bar, in or outdoors, without hand shaping or smoothing.
Dry in shade
Usually added to Line or Drip Dry.  Stay away from direct sunlight.
Do not iron
The Item may not be smoothed or finished with an iron. Ironing will heat the silver fibers reducing performance and leave marks on the fabric.
Do not dry clean
An X crossed-out circle means that you should not dry-clean the item.