Silver fabrics reflect low-frequency EMF and attenuate high-frequency EMF

Bloqed is the result of a passion for better living in the modern wireless world.

Our clothing and apparels contain silver, which attenuates signals used by popular wireless devices.

At lower frequencies, microwave EM radiation is reflected from the fabric.

At higher frequencies (shorter wavelengths) such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G/5G technologies, a significant percentage of energy is attenuated - absorbed (dissipated as heat due to the resistance of the fibers).

The fabrics are soft and breathable giving all-day comfort and shielding.



Silver Fibres

We use a nano-sized silver thread which is woven into a fabric giving it the shielding properties that reduce the energy from electromagnetic frequencies.

The silver thread is treated with a special antioxidant coating to prolong the life of the product and the conductivity needed to dissipate the wireless energy.


Nano-sized silver fibres are at the core of what makes our fabrics
Pure silver is bonded to a nylon core



How does it work?

With the evolution of wireless technology electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) exposure increases.

Wireless EMF energy from devices is absorbed into the body
EMF energy from wireless devices are attenuated by conductive silver fabric

This fabric is made with woven strands of real Silver (Ag). Silver is highly conductive is used to create a shield against EMF.

Electromagnetic field shielding occurs when stronger field lines intercept with a conductive shield material (Silver fiber woven fabric).

If charges move freely enough to reorient themselves as fast as the field changes, cancellation of the external fields will occur.




By definition, it means 'to diminish'.

An example of attenuation is when earplugs are worn to sleep, where the volume of sound around is greatly reduced when passing through the foam material.

When a signal travels through a medium, its energy is diminished, resulting in a lower amplitude of the wave.

This loss in amplitude is what is defined as attenuation and is measured in decibels.

A decibel (dBs) is a measure of the increase or decrease in the amount of power between two points A and B (see diagram).

As electromagnetic frequencies pass through bloqed clothing and apparels, the energy is greatly reduced or attenuated.


Wireless radiation is attenuated by Bloqed clothing








Antibacterial Properties

Silver in the fabric makes Bloqed clothing naturally antimicrobial

Many odour-causing bacteria cannot adapt to the effect of silver ions. The antimicrobial effect of the element silver is based on free silver ions. Due to a triple effect mechanism, silver ions with a positive charge have bacteriostatic effects (known as The Oligodynamic Effect).

The oligodynamic effect was first recognised more than 150 years ago by Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli and refers to the phenomena that some metal ions kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms which reduce odours.  This effect can be observed at extremely low doses.  Of all metals, one of the strongest effect is exerted by silver.


Silver ion
Silver ion
The metabolism of bacteria is affected by the action of silver ions.


Silver ions break through pathogen cell walls.
Silver ions break through pathogen cell walls.
Disrupts respiration function.
Disrupts respiration function.
Stops pathogen from replicating.
Stops pathogen from replicating.


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